Monday, July 27, 2009

Bass in a beautiful Maine lake

Photo by Beth B.

Earlier this month (July 2009), we traveled back east for vacation. Part of our trip included a stay at a cabin on Great Pond, Belgrade Lakes, Maine. My New Hampshire-based brother-in-law is also a fly fisherman, so this gave us the chance to paddle around our arm of the lake in an old canoe, casting to the rocky shoreline and/or trolling. We caught a mixed bag that included smallmouth, largemouth, rock bass, and one small pike. Flies that worked well included one of my homemade wine-cork poppers, Bakke's Dragonfly (steelhead dry), and traditional Muddler Minnows. The best fish were caught trolling Muddlers in approx size 4.

FYI the solar-powered house we rented ("The Rink") is owned by Ben and Emily Swan, who direct Pine Island Camp. It is a great location and the lake is beautiful. Ben and Emily gave us a very enjoyable tour of the camp, and lunch with the campers.

All in all, it was a wonderful, classic NE summer experience.

Yours Truly, multitasking.
Photo by Kate

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