Monday, August 07, 2006

Steak Knives

Best steak knives
Six picks from the uber-high end to Crate & Barrel steakhouse-style knives.

By Kate Bonamici, FORTUNE writer-reporter
May 23, 2006: 3:51 PM EDT

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - You've got the grill. You've got the dry-aged steaks. As you get in shape for summer and start serious consideration of upcoming cookouts, give equally serious thought to how you plan to slice your finished masterpiece.... more->
Kate interviewed Eugene, OR knife expert Bernard Levine for this one, and got some good background & interesting recommendations. Unfortunately the William Henry is out of reach for the time being ($2,900 for set of six, ), but I like the idea of using non-serrated paring knives or other small fixed blades such as the A.G. Russell Woodswalker ($9.95 each, A similar possibility is the Opinel paring knife ($7 from Ragweed Forge).


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