Sunday, April 23, 2006

March Browns

The Western March Brown mayfly (Rithrogena Morrisonii) is one of the season's first (& best) on the McKenzie and other west coast rivers. Westfly has a good overview, with links to effective fly patterns. Some of my own versions are pictured below.


March Brown Wet Fly
This sparsely tied winged pattern works well in the McKenzie River, Oregon. The sample in the photo has caught six fish, so the tinsel is looking beat up, but it is still good for a few more. Look at the segmenting on the natural in Arlen's photo on Westfly , and you will see why silver tinsel is a good feature for this pattern.

hook: #12 or #14 standard wet fly hook (shown: Partridge Capt. Hamilton)
tail: pheasant tail
body: pheasant herl, counter-wound with silver round tinsel
hackle:golden pheasant flank (rusty orange), tied beard style
wing: hen pheasant


March Brown Soft-Hackle
Hook: #12 or #14 standard wet fly hook (shown: Tiemco 3761)
Tail: Brown Hungarian Partridge fibers
Body: dubbed fur, counter-wound with silver round tinsel. My McKenzie March Brown blend is approx. two parts tan, & one part each olive & cinnamon
Hackle:Brown Hungarian Partridge
Wing: none