Friday, October 07, 2005

Scandinavian-style knives

Here are some Nordic-type knives that I've put together during the past couple of years, using blades purchased from Ragweed Forge. These are all working knives that are used camping & fishing. The Karesuando even gets used in the garden -- I'm finding that I prefer it to clippers for jobs like cutting back ivy, blackberries, perennials, etc., mainly because there's less repetitive motion needed, therefore less stress on the hands. The sheaths are all heavy black leather made in a deep folded style.

If you have any questions about these, feel free to e-mail. Enjoy!

Here is a laminated stainless "Ola" blade from Helle of Norway, approx. 2.25" ; walnut & rosewood handle:

Laminated stainless "Turmann" drop point blade from Helle, approximately 3.25"; maple handle:

Sandvik 12C57 puukko-style straight blade from Karesuando, Sweden; handle is bois d'arc (aka Osage Orange):


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